Woodhaven Veterinary Clinic

Location: Edmonds, Washington

The new Woodhaven Veterinary Clinic was built on the same site where the owner's original 1960's era concrete block hospital formerly stood.

At just under 5,000 square feet, the new primary care hospital is a quiet, light-filled and self-assured step away from the old and dark box-like facility.  In a design that was inspired by the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, the waiting and reception area is spacious yet sheltered, and the medical areas, inlcuding the five exam rooms, are simple and straightforward.  The emphasis is on clean, efficient operations.  To offset the often cloudy and foggy winters, expansive windows wrap the entire building. Sunlight filters through to inner rooms thanks to the use of interior windows.  Solar tubes were also used to bring light into interior spaces.

Design Merit Award 2014